Sawdust Pellet Machine

Sawdust is the by-product of sawmilling operation in sawmills, wood processing factories and furniture industries, etc. It is regarded as a troublesome thing in many countries and often disposed as landfill or simply burned. However, after pelletizing by sawdust pellet machine, sawdust can be a good energy resource. If you have quantity of sawdust, you can convert your sawdust into to stove pellets. In this way, you can reduce fuel cost while deal with your troublesome sawdust.


Sawdust Pellet Machine

The necessary equipment for you is just one set of electric flat die sawdust pellet machine AZSPLM 360 or diesel sawdust pellet machine AZSP-300D manufactured by AZEUS MACHINERY, who is a leading Chinese manufacturer of sawdust pellet machines.

Electric motor
Diesel engine

AZSPLM360electric_flat_die_pellet_millAZSPLM360 Sawdust Pellet Machine

AZSP_360Ddiesel_flat_die_pellet_millAZSP-360D Sawdust Pellet Machine

Why Is Sawdust Suitable for Making Fuel Pellets?
High calorific value
The calorific value of sawdust varies depending on the kind of wood the sawdust came from. The heating value of softwood sawdust is typically about 20-22 MJ/kg and of hardwood sawdust is about 19-21 MJ/kg. That is to say the calorific value of softwood sawdust is higher than hardwood sawdust, so softwood sawdust is better than hardwood sawdust in terms of sawdust pellet production. Thus if you want to use sawdust pellet mill to make wood pellets, it is suggested to mix the hardwood sawdust with softwood sawdust.
Suitable size for pelletizing directly
Typical size of sawdust is 0.3-2mm in length which is suitable for making pellets by sawdust pellet machine.
Moisture content of sawdust
The moisture content of sawdust is not the same due to the different sources. Sawdust may be of high moisture content from cutting green wood in a sawmill, or very dry from furniture manufacturing. But If wet, you can dry them under the sun or by sawdust drying machine. It is easy to dry sawdust and sawdust with moisture content of about 12%-15% is suitable for feeding into sawdust pellets machine.

Sawdust Pellets as Solid Biofuel


Specifications of sawdust pellets

< 12%
Ash content
< 0.5%
≦ 5*diameter
Volatile material
< 0.05%
≦ 0.3%
≦ 0.03%
Net calorific value
Bulk density
650 kg/m3

What size of sawdust pellets is suitable for you?

If sawdust pellets are planned for home heating and cooking, the proper diameter is 6mm; if for industrial use, the proper size is 8mm or 10mm. AZEUS MACHINEY can supply the sawdust pellet mill with different diameters for you to choose.
Advantages of sawdust pellets
Low moisture content to improve heating efficiency.
High density reduces the storage space and improve the transport effectiveness.
Easy handling.
Easy control and broad application.
Suitable for most boiler grating system.
Main application of sawdust pellets as biofuel
● Power plant
● Biomass boiler
● Centralize steam boiler
● Household BBQ rack
● Home heating and cooking